The Indy bullwhip design was my main inspiration in my early whipmaking and will always be a favorite. 

The original Indy whips, used in the movies, were made by David W. Morgan
  He's the greatest single contributor to the survival of modern bullwhipmaking in North America.  I originally taught myself to make whips from his book "Whips And Whipmaking"

These bullwhips are all custom made to order. They aren't exact replica's of the whips used in the Indy movies as they are constructed differently from the movie originals, by a different whipmaker, and in a different style.  They are concept whips that can be made to look very much in the spirit of the originals.

Construction Information

These bullwhips are made entirely of heavy kangaroo leather and have 3 plaited bellies, under a roo hide bolster.  The 3rd belly is 8 plait and the entire whip is made from kangaroo leather, excluding the fall.  The overlay is done standard in 12 plait.  16 plait is popular and available.  20 plait and two tone is also available.  The overlay strands are fully tapered over the first 3'-5' of the thong before dropping strands into the core to end in a 6 plait point. This produces the finest 12 plait thong because the thong remains 12 plait for the largest possible portion of it's length. The heavy section of the thong is 20 layers of kangaroo leather thick from side to side!  16 plait and 20 plait whips have 8 plait points.

These whips are well balanced, give loud reports, and handle smoothly and accurately.  I've been cracking whips for years and all my whips are balanced for it. They aren't just wall hangers.  I'll vary thong weight to a degree for a customer if they want but I usually like a medium weight in the Indy style bullwhip.  I plait all my whips to graphs I've drawn up.  That way every whip is tapered exactly the way I want it.  The steel pipe foundation of these bullwhips is loaded with lead to balance out the thong.  Lead loading is available for the thongs of these whips if requested aswell.  It is done in a special technique which produces a more responsive and dense thong while only adding very little actual weight to the whip.  The load is distributed down the entire length of the thong and it gives the thong more life.

The foundation of these whips is very solid and durable and yet uniquely different to most whips made of this style.  The foundation is made out of an 8" steel pipe rather than the standard spike that most whipmakers use for this type of bullwhip.  I also use a special spring transition between handle and thong on these whips for durability at that junction, which is fitted into the end of the pipe under the first belly and extends several more inches into the thong.  All three bellies are solidly anchored to the foundation.  The spring transition is permanent and unbreakable.  It stops the thong from breaking down at the transition and becoming weak over time.  This is a unique and well proven technique I've developed to eliminate the weakness that most bullwhips have in this area.

The knob on the handle is permanently pinned to the foundation so it won't budge in even the harshest imagineable conditions. 

These bullwhips are fitted with a redhide or whitehide fall. 

Custom Designs

I base my work on several basic designs but most whips are combinations or customized and don't fit any one category, or any category at all.  I can also do oversized whips on occassion, which are based on a longer 9" or even 10" foundations.  Various leather colors are available upon request but the two most popular are natural tan and saddle tan, producing a range of colors from light tan color to dark brown.

The basic designs are as follows, and represent the basic rules I follow in construction of each style of whip. 

The Raider

Plaited 12 plait of natural tan kangaroo leather, the Raiders is a wonderful all around whip designed to capture the spirit of the original.  The handle is about 26/32-28/32" wide, by 8" long.  The keeper knot is done in full thickness roo in a darker shade of brown from the rest of the whip and the generous sized egg shaped knob which has parallel sides but a rounded appearance. 

The Doom

The Doom is a slightly smaller whip in the hands as the handle is thinner at approx. 24/32"-26/32" wide and tapers up towards the keeper end to about 28/32"-30/32", into a flatish but rounded keeper knot.  The slightly smaller knob is roughly teardrop shaped and has constant contours.  The wrist strap is slightly longer on this whip.  This whip may be made in natural tan or preferably saddle tan, to achieve a darker color.  These are standard 12 plait.

The Crusader

This whip is typically done in saddle tan.  The proportions are roughly similar to the Raiders but the knob is smaller than on the Raider.  The handle is typically 26/32"-28/32" wide.  The whip is done entirely in one tone and the keeper knot is typically done in a flatter style than on the Raiders.  These are standard 12 plait.

Ordering Information

12 Plait Price List

7'     $440 (Plus Shipping)
7.5'  $450 (Plus Shipping)
8'     $460 (Plus Shipping)
8.5'  $470 (Plus Shipping)
9'     $490 (Plus Shipping)
10'   $520 (Plus Shipping)
11'   $580 (Plus Shipping)
12'   $620 (Plus Shipping)

16 Plait Price List

7'     $500 (Plus Shipping)
7.5'  $515 (Plus Shipping)
8'     $530 (Plus Shipping)
8.5'  $545 (Plus Shipping)
9'     $570 (Plus Shipping)
10'   $610 (Plus Shipping)
11'   $680 (Plus Shipping)
12'   $730 (Plus Shipping)

Lead Loading is $20 extra for whips 9' and under.  It's $30 extra for whips above 9'. 

Prices rise sharply as length increases due to the vast amount of leather and time needed to plait the longer whips.  Bullwhip overlays above 10' (or above 8.5' in 16 plait) may be cut from more than one hide due to the limited size of kangaroo hides available.  This produces some color variations within the whip and it can be accomplished in several different ways. 

Shipping is approximately $10 priority mail with delivery confirmation, in the United States. 

For International orders, inquire for shipping prices.   Customs charges from your country may apply aswell.   

Ordering Specifics

If you are interested in having me make a custom bullwhip for you, let me know.  Either inquire or make an order.  My email is

I'll let you know the length of my waiting list and you may detail to me what you are looking for in your custom bullwhip.  Payment isn't requested until the completion of the order.  It is typically sent at that time via money order or paypal.  Email me and I'll get back to you promptly. 

Benjamin J. Scott